NICE PRINT Ltd. was established in 2008 with main activity in advertising and advertising printing. Our activity is related to the design and creation of diverse types of advertising materials. With almost 10 years of experience in advertising and more than 10 years of screen printing experience, Nice Print relies on quality materials for quality products or designs.

The company has a reception office in a central part of the city and a printing house in an industrial area. At the reception office you can order the necessary advertising materials or consumables, and in the printing house we realize your projects and ideas. The company values ​​high professionalism and precision for the realization of its projects, but also dedication to the craft. In case something is not up to our capabilities, we can recommend a colleague to help you! For us it is more important to be happy with our work and to recommend us to your friends!

Textile Screen print

The most popular and affordable way to decorate various textiles and fabrics is the direct textile print. Its low cost makes it flexible and allows it to be rational for small runs and for long print series. The screen printing technology dates back to antiquity and in its essence, has not changed until today. Consumables are improved, the range of harmless and environmentally friendly inks is expanding, and so on.

Through direct screen printing, work wear, t-shirts, hats, cloth bags, bags, umbrellas and more, are often decorated; as they can be both finished and cut out in advance. For difficult-to-print fabrics or ready assembled clothes, sometimes transfer screen printing is used. Nice Print has two carousels for direct textile screen printing, flash and tunnel dryer for final fixation of the print. The printer's equipment allows us to print both single-color and full-color prints.



Corporate Design, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Packaging Design, Prepress preparation.


Screen Print – textile, flat and rotational (cylindric), Transfer screen printing, Digital printing, Sublimation printing, Printing on foil and vinyl, Souvenir production.


Volumetric letters, Wedding products, Handmade souvenirs, packaging, invitations and others.

We can produce for you

greeting cards, business cards, t-shirts, hats, work clothes and other promotional textiles, all kinds of printed materials / brochures, catalogs, leaflets, posters, invoices, etc., folders - leather and cardboard, paper bags, industrial printing of boxes, facial panels, etc., transfer printing, signs, billboards, exterior shop windows, advertising stickers on cars, volumetric stickers, cups and medals, envelopes, stationery, cups and more.


We have prepared a portfolio with selected examples of our work.